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We are a dynamic company dedicated to excellence in machining, assembly and welding. With a professional team and modern equipment, we excel in providing high-quality services. Our commitment to precision and attention to detail make us a reliable partner for all your machining industry requirements.

Branches in which we operate

We operate in six different industries, adapting to the diverse needs of the industry

Problem solving success rate

An impressive success rate makes us a partner you can always rely on.

professionally trained employees

Our team is proud of 32+ professionally trained employees, whose knowledge and skills form the core of our company.

satisfied clients around the world

We are proud to build relationships with clients around the world, confident in our ability and quality.
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Our experts

Our experts are not just the faces behind our company; they are the foundation of our commitment to excellence. With deep knowledge in the areas of machining, assembly and welding, our team of experts not only brings a wealth of experience, but also a passion for continuous improvement.

Each member of our team brings unique expertise that enables creative solutions to challenges and achieving top results. Their commitment to excellence ensures that every project is designed with care and the highest quality standards. In addition, our experts are not just colleagues; they support the team, creating a positive working atmosphere and encouraging cooperation.

We are aware that the key to our success lies in the engagement and expertise of our team players. With our experts, you get not only professionals, but also partners committed to your success and the realization of your project goals.

They are always willing to go outside the box to find the best solutions to the challenges we face. Their dedication to clients is reflected through careful listening and understanding of specific needs, ensuring that each project is tailored and meets the highest standards. With our experts, you not only have experts in your industry, but also partners who share your vision of success.

Our expertise is not only a reflection of work experience, but also a commitment to the principles of cooperation. Our experts are not just professionals; they are team players who actively contribute to a positive work atmosphere. In addition, their adaptability and innovation make them key factors in our success in a dynamic business environment.

Our vision

Our vision inspires us to strive for the highest peaks of excellence and innovation. We see a future where we set standards in the machining, assembly and welding industries. We want to be recognized as leaders in providing superior services that exceed our clients' expectations.

Our vision includes constant improvement, the use of the latest technologies and the accessibility of best practices in all segments of our business. We want to be partners that set trends, encourage innovation and contribute to the development of the industry.

With a commitment to quality, integrity and lasting sustainability, we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients, staff and community. Our vision is not only about business, but also about creating positive changes and achieving a wider impact on the environment.

In short, our vision is to become synonymous with superior service and innovation in the industry, while simultaneously building lasting value and making positive changes in the world around us.

At KMPBH, we really appreciate the act of cooperation and service.

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Briefly about us

Our team of highly qualified manufacturers is ready to answer any request regarding fabrication, tooling or product design and manufacture.


Our commitment to superior quality and precision is reflected in every aspect of our work. With modern equipment and a professional team, we strive to meet the various needs of our clients. We are refreshing our approach to the industry, setting standards of excellence and continuously striving for innovation. Your trust is our driving force, and we work with dedication to deliver solutions that exceed expectations.

01Mechanical processing

Our CNC laser metal cutting service excels in precision, quality and speed, providing customizable solutions for different requirements. With machines such as the 3-axis gantry CNC milling machine, we process different types of materials (aluminum, wood, plastic, Styrofoam, etc.) in different dimensions and shapes.


In our modern assembly plants, we offer clients a complete range of assembly and finishing services for sub-assemblies and assemblies. We work with exceptional equipment and machines in optimal conditions of antistatic, temperature and air humidity. Our work areas are always clean.


Our welding service includes different techniques to meet a variety of requirements. We use TIG welding for stainless steels, structural and low-alloy steels, while the REL process is used for surfacing and repair welding. MIG/MAG welding.

04Quality control

During production, we diligently carry out continuous quality control. We carefully monitor every step, from material selection to the final stage, to ensure top performance. Our commitment to quality is reflected in sustainable practices and an ethical approach, thereby guaranteeing quality.