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We are a company that excels in precise CNC milling and processing of metals and plastics for the production of parts in small and medium series. We provide welding services, protection of parts according to the ISO 12944-5 standard, as well as assembly of parts assemblies. Our expertise spans a wide range of processes to ensure superior product quality.


We proudly stand out as a progressive company that is constantly evolving. Our passion for innovation and a modern approach allows us to provide superior services and achieve exceptional results. We set new standards in the industry with our progressiveness.


Responsibility is at the core of our business. Through high ethical standards and sustainable practices, we actively reduce our environmental impact. We care about the well-being of our employees and support local communities. Through top quality products, we strive to be a positive example in the business world


We are committed to providing superior products and services, always striving for excellence. Our attention to detail, selection of high quality materials and precision in our processes ensure that we deliver products that meet the highest standards.

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Piljužići polje 24,74264 Jelah, Bosnia and Herzegovina
What do we do?

Passion is what drives us!

We stand out as an innovative leader in the industry, focused on providing superior solutions and services. We strongly adhere to high quality standards through careful selection of materials and precise production processes. We are committed not only to product excellence, but also to building long-term partnerships with clients. With an expert team and commitment to innovation, we continue to set new standards in the industry.
Milling and turning95%

Mechanical processing

Our CNC laser metal cutting service excels in precision, quality and speed, providing customizable solutions for different requirements. With machines such as the 3-axis gantry CNC milling machine, we process different types of materials (aluminum, wood, plastic, Styrofoam, etc.) in different dimensions and shapes.


In our modern assembly plants, we offer clients a complete range of assembly and finishing services for sub-assemblies and assemblies. We work with exceptional equipment and machines in optimal conditions of antistatic, temperature and air humidity. Our work areas are always clean.


Our welding service includes different techniques to meet a variety of requirements. We use TIG welding for stainless steels, structural and low-alloy steels, while the REL process is used for surfacing and repair welding. MIG/MAG welding.

Quality control

During production, we diligently carry out continuous quality control. We carefully monitor every step, from material selection to the final stage, to ensure top performance. Our commitment to quality is reflected in sustainable practices and an ethical approach, thereby guaranteeing quality.